postage starts at just £1.70 & Free for a 5 mile radius of Southwell.



Frequently asked questions.

We have put together the most commonly asked questions, but if you can't find your answer here please do email us or send a question on social media. 

What areas are covered under your free delivery? 

At present we offer free deliver within 5 miles of NG25, we are hoping to offer free delivery across other areas of Nottingham. As we grow follow us on Facebook or instagram to keep updated. 

Is your loose tea the same as that in the Pyramid infuser teabags? 

Yes, If you fall in love with our loose tea but you would like a more convenient way to enjoy it, simply switch to the Pyramid tea bags for the same great taste.

Is Woodrow tea company carbon neutral?

Yes, in fact we can do better than that as everyone in our whole supply chain is either carbon neutral or carbon negative.

Are you expanding you tea range?

Yes, we will continue to increase our flavour range. Our ever expanding range of teas is based on on most frequently asked for , so if we dont have something you like... tell us! 

Are you Pyramid infusion bags really bio-degradable?

Yes, they are also fully compostable, including the string. The fine mesh used in our pyramid bags in made from non toxic Soilon which is made from corn starch and not Nylon meaning you can put it into your home compost.

What is the natural flavouring in the tea?

Where flavouring is used its 100% natural and does not contain any synthetic solvents, carriers or preservatives.

Can I use your teas to make ice tea?

Almost all of our teas can be used to make ice tea, to help you with the this we have made an infusion guide for hot & cold teas.

How do I store my tea?

To ensure you enjoy your tea at its best we recommend storing it in an airtight container away from light, moisture and strong odours. 

What is the Ethical tea partnership? 

Whilst similar to fair trade, the ETP has a goal to provide consumers with a totally transparent perspective on where tea is grown and manufactured. All aspects of the quality of lives for those living and working on tea estates is covered including fair compensation health coverage, housing and childcare. ETP also differs from Fair Trade in that its primary focus isn't economics, but is also very much led by the social and environmental aspects of the tea trade. This approach is helpful as where higher prices are paid in developing countries it addresses the concern of unscrupulous companies bolstering lost margins further along the supply chain.


The berry one, All our teas are ethically sourced and do not contain any synthetic chemicals or preservatives. The berry one is an amazing fruit tea that can be enjoyed hot or cold.